TEW-5376 Series Input/Output Transformer

TEW-5376 is designed to be used either as a transmit or as a receive transformer in the ISDN primary rate access network, for the following devices.

  • Siemens PEB2235 and PEB2236

Complies with ANSI T1.408 and CCITT I.431, with regards to Longitudinal Balance and with T1.408 and G.703 for the return Loss. When in transmit mode, connect the two primary windings in parallel, pins 1 to 3 and 2 -4. When in receive mode, connect the two primary windings in seriesp, pin 2 to pin 3.

  • Primary rate ISDN network nodes.
  • PBX or computer to T1/CEPT Digital Trunks.
  • TDM Multiplexers.