EMS - Industrial

API Technologies has more than 35 years experience manufacturing complex, technologically advanced circuit board and electro-mechanical assemblies for industrial OEMs. We are experts in high-mix, low-to medium-volume electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies. Our facilities both in the United States and abroad enable us the flexibility to take on projects of any size (from prototype to full production) at a competitive price.

We use the most advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment available, often allowing us the ability to accommodate engineering changes and rush jobs much more effectively than our competitors. All facilities are ISO and IPC-610 certified and RoHS compliant.

API’s in-house engineers and technicians are well-versed on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles. We understand that discovering a problem or opportunity early in the process can speed the time to market and often reduces product lifecycle costs.

In addition to DFM, API facilities utilize effective supply chain support consigned, mixed and/or turnkey inventory management. In-house vendor management inventory (VMI) stores, like the one co-located in API’s Fairport, NY manufacturing plant, are staffed by implanted personnel which subsidizes the vendor management team. Kanban, or just-in-time production, can also be supported.

API’s dedicated NPI facility also allows for quick-turn proof-of-concept designs which can rapidly transition to seamless full-scale production. Second generation product designs are often perfected at our NPI facility while the first generation product is in full-scale production in one of API’s main production facilities. This abbreviates the product lifecycle giving you the ability to bring your next generation product to market without interruption.