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Corporate Overviews
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Title: API Solutions Guide
Summary: Print friendly version of the API Solutions Guide.
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Title: Brand Heritage
Summary: A 70+ year legacy of designing and manufacturing high performance solutions for defense and commercial markets timeline.

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Title: RF & Microwave Signal Conditioning & Management
Summary: RF & Microwave Signal Conditioning & Management Guide highlights our full line of RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and systems.
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Integrated Microwave Assemblies

Title: Integrated Microwave Assemblies
Summary: High performance microwave subsystem designs using award winning frequency references, amplifier, filter, mixer, switch, as well as passive components including delay lines, rotary joints, phase shifters, power dividers and combiners.

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Title: EIS Solutions Guide
Summary: Highlighting our full line of Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions including Coaxial Filters & Interconnects, Ceramic & Film Capacitors, Power Filters, Specialty Connectors and Custom Magnetics.
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Title: Medical Line Card
Summary: API Technologies has a rich heritage in providing a vast portfolio of standard, configurable and custom, application-specific solutions for the medical marketplace.

RF, Microwave and Microelectronics
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Title: Filter Line Card
Summary: Filter Solutions Line Card highlights our diverse experience with filters, multiplexers and integrated assemblies.

High Performance Switched Filter Banks

Title: High Performance Switched Filter Banks
Summary: Switched Filter Bank designs created byt a staff of Filter, Switch and Thin Film design engineers.

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Title: Amplifier Solutions Line Card
Summary: Amplifier Solutions Line Card highlights API’s small signal amplifiers, power amplifier modules and subsystems, amplifier drivers and gain blocks, and integrated amplifier assemblies.

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Title: RF & Microwave Power Amplifiers
Summary: The Power Amplifier trifold highlights API Technologies’ RF and microwave Class A, Class AB, and Class C broadband, hybrid, fully-modifiable power amplifier modules, drivers and subsystems.

Wireless & Telecommunications Brochure

Title: Wireless & Telecommunications Brochure
Summary: RF solutions serving OEMs, distributors, systems integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, SATCOM, wireless communications, government, transportation, land-mobile, private, medical and microwave market sectors.

Commercial Line Card

Title: Commercial Line Card
Summary: Custom designed and standard RF components supporting applications such as wireless, medical, GPS, industrial, oil & gas, commercial avionics, communications, and more.

Space Solutions Line Card

Title: Space Solutions Line Card
Summary: RF & Microwave products for space systems, satellites, and launch vehicles, as well as our facility certifications and extensive testing capabilities.

Space Products & Capabilities Brochure

Title: Space Products & Capabilities Brochure
Summary: The RF2M Space Brochure highlights products such as RF/microwave and hybrid components, microwave semiconductors and microelectronic assemblies for space systems, satellites, launch vehicles, and associated support networks.

Microelectronics Capabilities & Technology

Title: Microelectronics Capabilities & Technology
Summary: Learn more about our RF, Microwave/MMW, Mixed Signal & Power, Optoelectronics/LED Illumination, and Power Conversion Solutions, as well as our Thin Film Capabilities, SAW Wafer Fab Technology, and more!

Active Antenna Array Solutions for Next-Generation Radar

Title: Active Antenna Array Solutions for Next-Generation Radar
Summary: Solutions for Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar including a modular, scalable Active Antenna Array Unit, as well as a variety of drop-in, ready to integrate, high performance T/R modules.

RF & Microwave Filters

Title: RF & Microwave Filters
Summary: Industry leading filter solutions including Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, SAW, Tubular, Waveguide and sophisticated designs including Multiplexers and Switched Filter Banks.

RF & Microwave Amplifiers

Title: RF & Microwave Amplifiers
Summary: API Technologies' strengths in various Amplifier technologies

High Performance Broadband Mixers

Title: High Performance Broadband Mixers
Summary: Features and benefits of our Double Balanced Mixers, Triple Balanced Designs, Image Reject Mixers and our multi-octave Frequency Doublers.

Low Phase Noise Frequency Sources

Title: Low Phase Noise Frequency Sources
Summary: Solutions for DRO, PLO, CRO, Comb Generator and Synthesizer applications.

Advanced SAW Filter Technology

Title: Advanced SAW Filter Technology
Summary: Standard SAW Filter product line and custom design options.

Advanced SAW Oscillator Technology

Title: Advanced SAW Oscillator Technology
Summary: Features and benefits of API Technologies' .SAW Oscillator brochure.

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Title: High Reliability Electronics for Harsh Environments Trifold
Summary: An overview of our Great Yarmouth, UK facility’s hybrid RF, microwave, power and opto-electronic solutions for exposure to harsh environments, extremes of temperature and vibration, and applications where size and mass are a premium.

Inmet & Weinschel
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Title: Inmet Short Form Catalog
Summary: Inmet Brand RF & Microwave Components
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Title: Weinschel Quick Reference Guide
Summary: Weinschel Brand RF, Microwave Components and Subsystems.
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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions
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Title: Short Form Catalog
Summary: Review API Technologies’ Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions Short Form Catalog for datasheets of our most preferred parts.

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Title: Coaxial Filters and Interconnects Catalog
Summary: API Technologies is the world's leading provider of Coaxial Filters and Interconnects for many markets by applying the latest technologies.

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Title: Specialty Connectors Brochure
Summary: API Technologies' custom filtered connector offerings provide our customers with high reliability, circular connectors that have a reputation for superior quality and performance.
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Title: Ceramic Capacitors Brochure
Summary:  API's ceramic capacitors are ideal for EMI/RFI suppression filters, medical implantable devices, commercial and military applications, power supplies and converters.

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Title: EMI Power Filters Brochure
Summary:  API can help find the ideal method to filter the AC or DC power entering your system with their standard and custom power solutions.

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Title: Power Filter & Product Testing Solutions
Summary: Understand how to best filter the AC or DC power entering your system to prevent radiated or conducted EMI.

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Title: Magnetic Solutions Brochure
Summary:  Explore API’s broad range of magnetic devices, including a variety of transformers, inductors, chokes, coils and custom application-specific solutions..

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Title: Full Line Catalog
Summary: API offers a complete line of coaxial EMI components, plus an expanded offering of ceramics, power filters, film capacitors, filtered interconnects, and magnetics.

Power Solutions
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Title: Power Selector Guide
Summary: The Power Selector Guide highlights power distribution units, power conditioners, power supplies and system solutions.
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Title: Standard Solutions Guide
Summary: Standard Power Solutions include basic power strips, and AC and DC Switched Distribution Units (SMARTStarts).

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Title: Basic Power Strips Catalog
Summary: Our portfolio of AC Power Strips

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Title: Tactical Power and Specialty Solutions
Summary: power distribution for ground and mobile, systems solutions for the field and custom solutions.

SST, Emcon and ION Brands
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Title: SST Brochure
Summary: SST Capabilities Overview.

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Title: ION Product Catalog
Summary: This document contains information on ION product part numbers, specifications, cabling, certifications, and ION services.